Welcome to Ondjiviro

Ondjiviro Hunting Safaris was born out of passion for hunting and nature. We strive to live up to our name that means “knowledge” and “professional” in the local Herero language.

Your host, Volca developed his passion for hunting at a very early age. As a child growing up on his family farm in northern Namibia, he hunted numerous game and birds even before he could read and write. His passion for hunting was cemented and fueled in these early years and it is here that his father taught him respect for nature.

Later, he moved to South-Africa to complete his PH apprenticeship in Limpopo province and started his professional hunting career with Neil Barnard at NB Safaris where he was taught professional hunting in the real sense of the word and where he developed a passion for bowhunting as well.

He eventually moved back to his roots and ended up in the beautiful Kalahari, with his wife, Marelize and their three children, where he founded Ondjiviro Hunting Safaris.

Volca and his family invite you to come and share this magical place with them.

About the Kalahari area

This 10 000 ha hunter’s paradise in the Kalahari, together with several hunting concessions throughout Namibia, provide endless possibilities of adrenaline-pumping stalks on a wide variety of huntable game species.

The term ‘Kalahari’ in the Setswana language means ‘always dry’. The Kalahari is not a true desert, but rather an arid savanna and is quite densely covered with grasses, shrubs and majestic Camelthorn trees. As a hunters’ destination the Kalahari is truly unique with its abundant presence of game, remoteness and landscape.

Living in the Kalahari, one of the most inhospitable terrains in the world, the San survived by hunting wild game and gathering roots and tubers. The San are considered to be the oldest culture in the world, dating back over thousands of years. The San men traditionally hunt and the women are responsible for gathering. The San are expert hunters with bows and arrows tipped with poison.