Bow hunting

Bow hunting

As passionate bow hunters ourselves, we know and understand your wishes, limitations and needs.

Bow hunting is mostly done from well-constructed blinds at waterholes and game trails, but stalking; if the possibility presents itself, always make for an adrenaline pumping adventure. Before the hunt commences we test fire all bows to make sure that arrows fly correctly for a quick and clean kill.

While on the hunt we place great emphasis on getting you as close and comfortable as possible to your quarry.

Only mature animals are considered for trophies as the younger bulls are needed for reproducing those “monster bulls” for the future.

Please make sure to pack your entire bow hunting kit, range finders, triggers, enough arrows, super sharp broadheads etc. Should something still be needed or your equipment should be repaired, we have a well-stocked and professional archery shop in Windhoek to assist you.